02 October 2009

Dugan's Guinness Pizza

It’s not often that I talk about anything but beer…but after opening the door to pizza, I thought it was important to point out a new beer-related pizza at a great beer-bar. So check it out…
Dugan’s Guinness Pizza….Dugan’s famous hand stretched dough with homemade Guinness pizza sauce (consisting of ground bacon, onion, pepperoni, sausage, bell peppers, mushrooms and Guinness topped with Dugan’s pizza cheese!) Seems a shame to put all that great stuff inside parenthesis! So What are you waiting for…good beer, great pizza…get your ass to Dugan’s and see what I’m talking about. Cheers!

PS If that doesn’t do it for you..perhaps Apple jack Pork Chops, Three course sandwich or even shrimp cocktail…personally Mrs. Beerbuzz and I love the Irish Cheese Fries, Shorty’s potato Pizza and Sicilian pizza…but you decide…get thee to Dugan’s and see for yourself.