05 December 2008

08 November 2008

Dugan's Adds 3rd Craft Beer Handle

We've all come to know and love Dugan's, and not just for the food and beverage. Then came the news that Charlie was adding two craft beer handles, in addition to his great selection of Rogue. Then came the new and exciting craft beer bottles....and now great news. Charlie will soon be adding a Third Craft Beer Handle. He's waiting for one of his regulars to kick, but stay tuned here and on the Dugan's page for further details. I'll give you two clues....First....it's going to be larger than a sixtel, and Second...see if you can guess what the first beer will be??

02 November 2008

Charlie's Sign of the week...11/1

Rather than post Charlie's sign congratulating the Phillies for their world series win, I thought I'd post the sign Charlie runs year round.

11 October 2008

Charlie's Sign of the week...10/10

After another entertaining night @ Dugan's, I thought I'd post up Charlie's latest sign.

29 August 2008

Charlie's Sign of the week...8/29

So it's been a little while since we've posted up one of Charlies signs. After an evening of great food and great beer @ Dugan's, I managed to remember to snap a picture. So here you go...

03 July 2008

Charlie's Sign of the week...7/3

This week's sign says it all. Forgive my assonance, but I'd also add Properly Prepared Pizza Pie...(and yes I know it's really alliteration but assonance is much funnier.)

24 June 2008

Charlie's Sign of the week...6/24

Somewhat of a somber sign week @ Dugan's, but I thought I'd pass it on as promised. You have to love any old Irish saying...

15 May 2008

Charlie's Sign of the Week 5/9...

Consider this the first (or second if you count the mybeerbuzz.com sign) in my new series..."Charlie's sign of the week." I always love Charlie's signs, and this week is no exception. I apologize for the cell phone camera and yes it was dark out. Stay tuned for more signs and better yet, stop by Dugan's and see them for yourself.

12 April 2008

09 April 2008

mybeerbuzz.com Welcomes Dugans

Cheers and welcome to Dugan's...now officially participating with mybeerbuzz.com. Welcome aboard...the beer loving community Thanks you!

02 April 2008


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27 February 2008

Troegs Nugget Nectar NOW On Tap @ Dugan's

Just a quick note to let everyone know that Troegs Nugget Nectar JUST went on tap at Dugan’s in Luzerne. This is one of the first kegs we’ve seen in our area so don’t miss out.